AEC acoustics provides troubleshooting services on a wide range of existing buildings.  If your space has one or more pieces of equipment that are making too much noise, we can come and inspect them and find ways to quiet or isolate them.  This may include HVAC equipment, cooling towers, loading docks, and server farms.  If your existing room sounds unpleasant for another reason, such as echoes, we can evaluate the space and recommend a fix that does not require a major renovation.  If your home theater sounds less than stunning, we can create a quick model of the space and show you the best speaker placement and furniture locations.

Noise Control

AEC acoustics also provides noise control for all types of buildings.  Noise isolation engineering is essential for both exterior partitions and interior partitions of large buildings. Residents and tenants of condos and offices require privacy- no one wants to be forced to listen to their upstairs neighbors having a party or just walking around. Privacy between different types of usage in the same building is also critical, such as when a busy gym is next to office space.  We also can isolate the interior of a building from environmental noise sources such as traffic and aircraft noise. In these cases, we work with architects and structural engineers to determine what amount of sound isolation is needed, and recommend appropriate partition types and isolation mechanisms.

Room Acoustics

Our primary service area is interior architectural acoustics: analyzing and designing the way sound behaves inside buildings. Whether the project is new construction or a renovation, this includes optimizing the way music sounds in performance spaces, improving speech intelligibility in classrooms and offices, and controlling noise build-up in large public rooms such as restaurants and cafeterias. Close cooperation with the architect and/or interior designer is essential to success for this type of project. AEC acoustics strives to recommend materials that achieve the best acoustical performance and desired aesthetic for each project.  AEC’s background training in architecture ensures common ground for clear communication.

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